What type of sterilizing tank we can product?

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The whole process for palm oil press machine includes palm reception section, sterilizing section, threshing section,  oil press section, Clarification section,fibre separator and palm kernel recovery section. Palm fruit sterilizing section is the most important step to make palm oil.Fresh palm fruit bunches are airtight sterilized in sterilizer. The purpose of sterilizing tank is to prevent enzymes broken down, avoiding further increase of FFA content in the fruit.

sterilizing tank
The horizontal sterilizing tank used for processing fresh palm bunch
At present our company can produce two different sterilizing tank, horizontal and vertical sterilizing tank for crude palm oil pressing plant. The difference between horizontal and vertical sterilizing tank: Vertical sterilizing tank designed palm oil plant covers smaller area, and more equipments are includes during project design.Horizontal sterilizing tank designed palm oil plant covers large area.Customers can choose suitable sterilizing tank to meet your need.

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