How is palm oil produced? palm oil production process

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palm oil production machinePalm oil production becomes popular in Africa, Asia recent years. How is palm oil produced ? This article will lead you into palm oil factory and show you how is palm oil produced.
First step should be palm fruit harvested from plantation as fresh fruit bunches. FFB(fresh fruit bunches)should be sent to workshop in 24 hours after harvesting. That's why palm oil factory is always built in or near to plantation.
Second step is to boil FFB to unactive fatty acid enzyme, in which boiler/sterilizer is needed here.
Third step is to remove palm fruit from bunches, in which thresher is needed here.
Fourth step is to press palm fruit and extract palm oil from fruit, in which screw palm oil press is always used.
Finally, crude palm oil need a easy cleanning to clear crude palm oil.
This is my answer to how is palm oil produced. If this can help you, that should be my hornor.
Palm oil production

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