What is usage of palm oil?

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Palm oil is extracted from fresh fruit bunches by mechanical process. The modern palm oil extraction of today is based predominantly on automatic machinery.

There are many usage of palm oil:
The first use of palm oil is in the catering. Palm oil is the second largest edible oil ranking after the soya bean salad oil. First, it is used for home cooking. The palm oil has certain nutritional value, and it can be repeatedly fried. However, it won’t change its color and have no smell. The palm oil can take the place of soybean oil, peanut oil, lard and so on to reduce the oil cost. It is economic and practical.
Also, it can be use as frying oil. Palm oil contain high levels of natural antioxidants, which is suitable for all of the fried foods directly. Also, it is used for pastry cream. Because palm oil enjoys the excellent oxidation stability, and widely used for making cake. Margarine is also using the palm oil.And there is another usage of palm oil. Such as special grease, cocoa butter.

The pharmaceutical industry can also use the palm oil widely. The root of the palm trees can be used for making medicine. Such as homeostasis, lowering blood pressure, insecticide.
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