palm fruit Small palm oil plant

Fresh palm fruit bunch from palm trees is the main agriculture product in Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South America and many other ocuntries.

There are many large scale palm oil plant in malaysia and Indonesia; But on the other side, small palm oil plant is also in great needs in different countries, especially in Africa. For small palm oil plant, it is cost-ineffective to set up whole line palm oil machines like large capacity. We advice customers or palm plantation owners to start with small palm oil plant.

The small palm oil plant is whole line machine from FFB to red palm oil; Main machines of small palm oil plant are palm fruit boiler-palm fruit thresher-palm oil press-filter-crude red oil tank;
palm oil plant
The purpose of palm fruit boiler is to prevent enzymes broken down, avoiding FFA content in oil further increase.

The palm fruit thresher is used to separate the palm fruit from the boiled palm bunches; Then the boiled fruit go to thresher or crusher machine, or directly go to press machine, then you can get red palm oil out; This is the simplest line for small palm oil plant; If customers need whole line automaticlly, we can add conveyor or screw elevator and so on. This is a brief introduction of small palm oil plant line, if you wants to know more details, please feel free to contact us. We can ensure you a good quality small palm oil plant.  
palm oil plant


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