Where can I buy ready made palm oil processing machine?

We have the overseas warehouse in Nigeria, if you are in Nigeria, you can buy the ready made palm oil processing machine there directly. Now the stock machines are palm oil presser, palm kernel oil expeller, palm kernel cracker, oil filter, cooker, and so on. Besides, due to the coronavirus influence, the business is in hard situation all over the world, to help our customer prompt the palm oil processing business, my boss decided to sell the palm oil processing machines with the discount. The price is cheaper than previous, but the same quality guarantee.

palm oil processing machinePalm oil processing machine in Nigeria warehouse

In the current situation, the shipment will be slow for the restrictions countries, if you want to get the palm oil processing machines soon, can get it from the warehouse directly, without sea shipping, customs clearance.

In the branch warehouse, not only you can get the ready made palm oil processing machines directly, but you can also get the after-service like installation, maintenance, spare parts, and so on. It will be more convenient and cost cheaper to get these.

Except for these palm oil machines, we also have the complete production line of palm oil mill, according to the production scale, we can supply 1-5 tons per hour small scale palm oil mill, 5-20 tons per hour medium scale palm oil mill and 20-120 tons per hour large scale palm oil mill. Among of them, the small scale palm oil processing technology is our latest technology which is developed and designed by our engineers. It has many characteristics such as energy saving, low investment cost, high production efficiency. The medium and large scale palm oil mill adopts the same technology as Malaysia and Indonesia.

palm oil processing machineSmall scale palm oil processing machine

palm oil processing machine Large scale palm oil processing machine

If you are interested in the ready made palm oil processing machines, pls contact us to get the detailed address and contact information of Nigeria local branch.

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