What must I avoid during the palm oil pressing process?

It is the common wish of every palm oil mill plant owner to ensure palm oil production smoothly. But how to achieve this goal? Don't worry, this article will tell you what must I avoid during the palm oil pressing process?

palm oil mill plantThis is palm oil mill plant that have put into production

1. Avoid palm oil mill plants too far away from oil palm plantations.

oil palm plantationPalm oil mill plant should close to palm fruit plantations

Whether you already have your own oil palm plantation or are planning to buy fresh palm fruit bunches for pressing. We all need to avoid palm oil mill plants too far away from oil palm plantations. Palm oil mill plant should be located near where the raw material is supplied. The detailed reasons are as follows:

First, palm fruit bunches need to be processed within 48 hours, or the acid value will increase and affect the quality of crude palm oil. What's more, higher acid value means more oil loss during refinery.

Second, set up palm oil mill plant near the oil palm plantation can help customer save time and the cost of transporting FFB.

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2. Avoid choosing a low-quality palm oil processing machine.

palm oil pressing machineSmall scale palm oil pressing machine

Palm oil processing machine is the core of the palm oil pressing process. Choosing high-quality palm oil processing machines can not only increase the output, but also improve the quality of palm oil. As palm oil pressing is often carried out under high temperature and pressure, low-quality palm oil processing machine will greatly affect the service life of the machine and the quality of palm oil produced.

3. Avoid operating and maintaining the palm oil processing machine without following operation instructions.

palm oil pressing machinePalm oil pressing machine operation instruction

It is easy to understand, if you want to extend the service life of the palm oil pressing machine, you'd better follow the instructions to operate and maintain the palm oil pressing machine. And if there is a problem in subsequent use, the first choice for you is to contact palm oil pressing machine manufacture to get right guidance instead of solving it according to your own experience.

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