What must I avoid during the palm oil pressing process?

If you want to build a palm oil pressing plant, there is some useful advice for you, which you have to avoid during your pressing process.

1. Don’t transport raw materials over long distances

Whether you already have your own palm plantation or are planning to buy fresh palm fruit bunches for pressing. Palm oil pressing plant should be located near where the raw material is supplied. Because palm fruit bunches are prone to rancidity, and better be pressed within 24 hours of harvesting, otherwise it will affect the quality of palm oil. If you already have your own palm oil plantation, we recommend that you build a palm oil pressing plant in the plantation, which can not only ensure the freshness of palm fruit bunches, but also reduce the cost of transportation.

palm fruit and FFBPalm fruit and palm fruit bunches

2. Don't choose a low-quality machine

Palm oil processing machine is the core of the palm oil pressing process. Choosing high-quality palm oil processing machines can not only increase the output, but also improve the quality of palm oil. As palm oil pressing is often carried out under high temperature and pressure, low-quality palm oil processing machine will greatly affect the service life of the machine and the quality of palm oil produced.

3. Don't choose a non-custom machine

Palm oil processing machine will have different designs because of the raw materials in different regions, different processing capacity, and different plans. Only according to your needs, customized products can help you achieve maximum output and profit.

palm oil press machineHenan Glory can provide different palm oil press machine

4. Don't choose no after-sales machine

The installation and commissioning of palm oil pressing machine will affect the output of palm oil. Only after installation and commissioning by professional engineers can extend the service life of the machine. And if there is a problem in subsequent use, high-quality after-sales service can help you reduce a lot of trouble.

palm oil press machine manufacturerHenan Glory's engineers and factory

Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional company that designs and produces palm oil pressing machines. We have our own factory and professional R&D team, and our professional engineers will customize products according to different customers. If you buy our products and encounter problems, we will actively solve them for you. What are you waiting for? Contact us immediately to start palm oil pressing.

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