Will there be waste produced in palm oil mill? How to deal with?

During the production of palm oil mill, there will be a certain amount of waste produced, mainly consisting empty bunches after removal of the palm fruit, palm fruit fibers left after the palm oil pressed, and waste water from the palm oil production process.

wastes produced in palm oil millWastes produced in palm oil mill

Firstly, the empty palm fruit bunches are left after threshing, not much use for palm oil mill. Usually, the empty bunches are transported to the farm as fertilizer or can be used as fuel in the boiler to provide energy for the palm oil mill plant.

Secondly, palm fruit fibers will become waste after pressing palm fruit, which can also be reused as boiler fuel or farm fertilizer. Besides, it can be processed into animal feed and eaten by animals.

Thirdly, the waste water will be produced in production process of palm oil mill, generally from the sterilization and filtration processes. As the waste water is an organic waste water, in most cases, it can be discharged directly into the environment. However, if the local authorities have strict environmental requirements, a wastewater treatment plant will be required to treat this waste water.

Finally, if the palm oil mill is with palm kernel oil processing plant, there will be palm kernel shell as another waste. Palm kernel shell has the characteristics of high calorific value, also can be used as high quality boiler fuel to provide energy for the palm oil mill process to reduce the cost of production.

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