What preparations need to be made to start palm kernel oil processing business?

Palm kernel oil processing business is one of the most popular cooking oil processing business now in the Africa. If you also plan to start the palm kernel oil processing business, then there are some preparations that you need to make first, like collecting enough raw materials, learning about product selling market and buying a suitable machine.

palm kernel oil processing businessStarting a palm kernel oil processing business requires a lot of preparation

The first preparation is to collect enough raw materials, they are the basis to start palm kernel oil processing business.

Actually, palm kernel, as the raw materials of palm kernel oil processing business, is easy to collect in life. Usually palm oil mill will produce palm oil, as well as the by product: mixture of fiber and nut. But there are still many customers who do not know the value of palm kernel, they just burn it as fuel for the boiler or cooking pot. So the raw material can be easily found at good price. What's more, you can buy palm kernels or palm nuts from the specialized supplier.

palm kernel Palm kernel and palm nuts

Then the second preparation is learn about the product selling market, it relates the profit of this business.

The palm kernel can be produced into palm kernel oil, while the application of palm kernel oil is widely. Here are seven priceless health benefits of palm kernel oil for your reference.

1. It is a great remedy for epilepsy

Alternative medicine has shown that palm kernel oil is a wonderful solution when it comes to treating convulsion in kids. Its healing properties help combats the effect of epilepsy attack, as well as offering great relief.

2. Palm kernel oil helps prevent aging

Palm kernel oil is a rich antioxidants agent that contains vitamin E. And vitamin E, coupled with the antioxidants properties in it, help prevent the signs and symptoms of aging.

Observation has also shown that the use of palm kernel oil does not only prevent fine lines, it helps delay sagging and wrinkled skin. And according to research findings, palm kernel oil offers protection from the adverse effects of UV rays and several other toxic substances.

3. Palm kernel oil increases hair growth

Palm kernel oil has not only shown amazing results, in terms of growth, when applied to the hair, it also encourages thicker hair as well as preventing hair fall.

In addition, palm kernel oil nourishes the hair and makes it stronger than usual as a result of the conditioning it provides.

4. It helps to detoxify the body

Palm kernel oil does not only remove toxins from the body, it also purifies every cell of the body as well as rejuvenating them.

5. It helps in softening the skin

Apart from being an anti-aging agent, palm kernel oil also helps in making the skin soft without the skin getting greasy in appearance.

This is why most soap and cream industry have continued to make use of its oil as ingredients when producing their products.

Providing comprehensive benefits that are often overlooked, palm kernel oil helps in combating itchy skin, as well as providing relief to ragged cuticles.

6. It helps in controlling blood pressure

Studies have shown that also helps control the free flow of blood from the heart to other organs of the body. And by so doing, it helps in keeping the blood pressure under control, thereby preventing the risk of hypertension.

7. It tackles body odor

Owing to its unique strong smell, palm kernel oil helps tackle body odor when it is applied to the skin on a regular basis.

palm kernel oilPalm kernel oil is a kind of edible oil with high economic value

In summary, the palm kernel oil can be sold in the local market directly. And the price of palm kernel oil is considerable. But in different locals, different markets, the price may have differences too. So it’s better to research in your local about the product selling market.

The last preparation is to buy one set suitable palm kernel oil processing machine, which is the core to start palm kernel oil processing business.

Our palm kernel oil processing machine is specially designed for processing palm kernel or palm nuts, which is mainly through the process of palm nuts and fiber separating, palm kernel cracking and separating, palm kernel crushing, palm kernel cooking and palm kernel pressing to extract palm kernel oil from palm nuts. Meanwhile, its residual oil rate is particularly low, which can less than 6%. Besides, Henan Glory Company can provide different configuration of palm kernel oil processing equipment, which can meet the processing needs of different customers. Related reading: Small scale palm kernel oil processing machine

palm kernel oil processing machineSmall scale palm kernel oil processing machine

If you have interest and plan to start the palm kernel oil processing business, welcome to contact Henan Glory Company for more details!

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