How to set up a palm oil refinery plant in Malaysia?

Nowadays, Malaysia government is encouraging setting up palm oil refinery plant to improve palm oil market value. What is more, the low raw material CPO price also make people interested in building palm oil refinery factory. But imagination is beautiful, reality is complex. Most people who are new to this business don’t to know how to set up a palm oil refinery plant in Malaysia because of less experience. If you are the same too, please continue reading.

palm oil refinery plant There are many aspects need to consider when setting up palm oil refinery plant in Malaysia

In general, setting up a palm oil refinery plant in Malaysia, you need to consider these aspects: related market research, workshop building, government certification approve, fund source and equipment supplier.

Firstly, you need to do some related market research, like how to get your raw material CPO and where to sell your final product oil. Doing necessary market research is the first step to starting palm oil refinery business. But for raw material CPO, It is very easy to get in Malaysia. Because Malaysia is the largest CPO exporting countries in the word, and there are lots of palm oil pressing factory to produce CPO. Thus it is not necessary to worry the problem.

palm oil refinery plantIf you want to set up palm oil refinery plant in Malayia, you are very easy to collect enough cpo

Secondly, you need to find existing workshop or new land to build workshop for the palm oil refinery plant project. If you choose to cooperate with Henan Doing Company, we will provide you workshop size for helping you choose suitable land.

Except for the raw material and land, you also need to check what kind of permissions or certificates you need to apply from government for setting up the palm oil refinery plant in Malaysia. Different regions and countries may need different kinds of government permissions. For example, our clients in Tanzania need to apply for 4 certificates: land/building certification, Building permits, Construction inspection certificate issued by food and drug administration, Environmental impact certification.

Then it is about budget and source of funds, for starting the palm oil refinery plant. You need to consider the cost of buying raw materials, building factory, labor cost, machine cost, shipping cost and tax cost. You can invest all by yourself, or find partners to invest together or you can apply for bank loan.

palm oil refining machine You can choose to buy batch palm oil refining machine, semi-continuous palm oil refining machine or full-continuous palm oil refining machine

After considering about all the above, the most important is you need to find the suitable supplier who can offer good quality palm oil refinery machine and professional technology service, and after-sales service. We Henan Doing Group is the professional manufacturer of palm oil refinery processing machine, and we can provide turnkey project from technology designing, machine manufacturing, installation and commissioning, also training your workers. If you want to know more about how to set up palm oil refinery plant in Malaysia, please contact us for more details and information.

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