How to get palm oil mill technical drawings?

As a professional palm oil processing machine manufacturer, Doing Group can offer palm oil mill technical drawings for our customers. But not all of our customers will get these palm oil mill technical drawings. We will send palm oil mill technical drawings for people who really want to start palm oil processing business. Before we do this, we need to ensure our customers have already done many works for palm oil mill projects.

palm oil mill process flowchartThis is palm oil mill process flowchart and palm oil mill layout plan

Next, i will tell you how to get palm oil mill technical drawings?

Normally the steps of get palm oil mill technical drawings are as follows:

1) We talk about your requirements, and make sure what palm oil processing machines are suitable for you.

2) Our engineer make the proposal for you, including the price, total power, factory size and other information.

3) If all of them is ok, you can make the payment of deposit of 30% by T/T.

4) After we received the deposit, we will arrange the manufacturing in factory.

5) When finish the manufacturing, you can come to check all the palm oil processing machines, or we send all pictures of machines.

6) If all machines are ok, you can send the balance payment of 70% by T/T.

7) We arrange the shipping by sea, or if you have shipping agent in China, we can help you to contact them and ship the goods for you.

8) We will send you the Bill of Lading and when goods arrive your port, you can take the bill of lading to take delivery of your goods.

9) We will arrange our engineers to install the palm oil mill project in your factory.

10) When finished the installation, we will began to debugging and running your palm oil mill projects. When all is well, our engineers will help you to train your workers till they can operate it separately.

What is the functions of palm oil mill technical drawings? Why so many people want to get palm oil mill technical drawings?

Palm oil mill technical drawings including palm oil processing process flowchart, layout of workshop, Civil engineering condition drawing, and so on. After our customer purchased our palm oil processing machine, We will supply customized solutions and palm oil mill technical drawings for our customers.

palm oil mill process flowchartLarge scale palm oil mill technical drawings

Palm oil mill technical drawings can show you the processing steps of palm oil, what machines will be used in palm oil production process.

Layout of workshop is the designing of how to put your palm oil processing machines in your workshop reasonably. Due to the size of different customers' workshop are different, our engineer need to make appropriate palm oil mill plant layout depending on each customer's workshop. So the customers need to supply their workshop size or land size to us in advance.

Civil engineering condition drawing is the guidance of building workshop. Our engineer will make it for you before you build the workshop. it can let you know how many size our machines demand. After you get civil engineering condition drawing, you just need to look for the local building company to built your palm oil mill.

It is worth remembering that we only can tell you how many tons and size of our machine, and how many load-bearing they need, but we can't tell you how many hole you need to make, because we don't know your local geological conditions.

All of the palm oil mill technical drawings need our engineers take plenty time to make it done. But if you establish cooperation with Henan Doing Company and choose to buy palm oil processing machine from our company. We will be pleased to do it for you.

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