Total cost of setting up a palm oil mill in Nigeria

palm oil in Nigeria
Palm oil in Nigeria

Bright future of palm oil processing industry in Nigeria
Technology and energy has been the main focus of the world’s development today, therefore, those who have invested in agriculture now have made good profits and their earnings still keep increasing. Although agriculture business bring great profits for many entrepreneurs, few of them dare to venture into one segment - that is palm oil business.

Nigeria was the largest palm oil market between 1950s to 1960s. At that time, its palm oil production had exceeded its domestic consumption, and the exceeded part was exported to the world’s market. However, the development of palm oil production was adversely changed after that. There were three main factors that had great impact on the development of palm oil mill in Nigeria - the discovery of petroleum deposit in Nigeria, Nigeria civil war and the traditional and out-of-date palm oil processing machines and techniques. As a result, Nigeria is no longer the leader of palm oil production in the world. It has been outpaced by Malaysia and Indonesia. The lower palm oil processing or production ability can’t match the increasing demand of palm oil, which now provide great opportunity to tap and expand the palm oil processing ability and make profits from it.

Advantages of setting up a palm oil mill in Nigeria
According to World Rain-forest Movement, oil palm was originally planted in the the Nigerian coastal plain and later was migrated to other inland places. So, oil palm is the most important crop in Nigeria. Setting up a palm oil mill in Nigeria would minimize the cost on raw material purchase and transportation. What’s more, Nigeria has great demand of crude palm oil. It would be very convenient to produce and sell palm oil in Nigeria, which must be a profitable business.

Main processes in palm oil mill
The typical processes to produce palm oil include palm fruit reception,sterilizing,threhsing,digesting & pressing and crude palm oil
☞Palm fruit reception station          ☞ Palm fruit sterilizing station
☞Palm fruit threshing station          ☞Palm fruit digesting (crushing) station
☞Palm fruit pressing station           ☞Crude palm oil clirification station

palm oil mill in Nigeria
Palm oil processing machine in Nigeria

Total cost of setting up a palm oil mill in Nigeria

How much it will cost to set up a palm oil mill in Nigeria? Generally, the total cost of establishing a palm oil mill plant will be decided by many factors, including the palm oil processing capacity, the quality and quantity of palm oil processing machines and equipment, the palm oil suppliers and more. Therefore, the exact cost of setting a palm oil processing mill plant in Nigeria would vary from the different requirements and specific situations. Usually, the price of one set of small palm oil processing machine with a capacity of 50 tons is appropriately between $ 300,000.00 or more. The price of more sophisticated palm oil processing machines with bigger capacity will be more than $ 500,000. A complete palm oil processing mill plant with a capacity of 50 tons is about $ 600,0000. And, a full complete palm oil production line with capacity of 10 tons is $ 800,000 around. It should be noted that the final cost will be decieded by many aspects. The total price on setting up a palm oil mill plant is floating. If you are interested in the latest price, please tell us your capacity and raw material, we can quote your the best price within 24 hours!
palm oil mill plant
Palm oil mill plant we have installed in Nigeria

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