The profitability of palm kernel oil production in Nigeria

palm kernel oil production machine
2tpd palm kernel oil production machine

The profitability of palm kernel oil production in Nigeria.

Palm kernel oil production line can produce palm kernel oil, palm kernel cake and sludge.  They are all valuable and profitable, The followings are the profitability. Our company can offer you palm kernel oil expeller machine, palm kernel cracking and separating system.

~1 tone of palm-kernel nuts gives an average of 410liters of oil, 540Kg of cake, and 25Kg of sludge.

~Average price for 1tone of palm-kernel nuts is $222.49

~Average Selling Price of the products is

»Oil = $0.64 per litre
»Cake = $0.05 per Kg
»Sludge =$0.06 per Kg.

So if you process 1tone, you sell:
»Oil @ $0.64 x 410= $262.4
»Cake @ $0.05 x 540 = $27
»Sludge @ $0.06 x 25 = 1.59

Total sales = $287.97
Profit = $287 - $222.49=$63.57

The above profit is for processing 1tone of palm kernel.

Now, if you process 2 tone per day, you get =$63.57 x 2 =$127.14  per day as profit, which by extension implies a monthly profit of $3559.85 (24 days). Profit increases as production increases.

Note: If you sell your products at a bit lesser price, you will generate much more sales and still make a reasonable profit. If you are a good negotiator, you can get the nuts as low as $(206.60 – 222.49) per ton.


Palm kernel processing business is lucrative and the market for the products is vast. It even extends to the international market. Get buyers, offer them good quality products at competitive prices, and that's it.

So we can help every business man want to start palm kernel oil production by offering palm kernel oi production line.

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