What should I do to start palm kernel oil processing business in Nigeria?

Many people know palm oil processing business is very profitable but don't know palm kernel oil processing business is also one of the hidden lucrative and profitable business. The palm kernel oil are not only used as cooking oil, but also for cosmetic product making and other vital industrial purposes. So it is one of the few products you can sell right at the point of production, without necessarily needing to take it to the market. Recent years, more and more people learned about the prospect of palm kernel oil processing business in Nigeria, and want to start the palm kernel oil processing business in Nigeria.

palm kernel oil processing businessPalm kernel oil processing business in Nigeria

How to do? And what should to prepare? As professional oil machine manufacturer, Henan Glory Company will tell you the process.

First, you need to have a steady source of palm kernels. If you have own oil palm plantation, or own palm oil processing business, you will not worry about the raw materials. But if you only do the palm kernel oil processing business, you need find the source that you can buy enough raw materials.

Secondly, you need to find out the price of local palm kernel oil, and the price of palm kernel, so that you can calculate the profit of your palm kernel oil processing business.

Thirdly, you need a site that can be used as a plant for palm kernel oil processing. You can buy or rent a piece of land to build a suitable workshop, or contact us to get a workshop layout first, then to build it.

Finally, the most important thing is that you had better find a professional palm kernel oil processing equipment manufacturer, to buy good quality equipment. Like us, Henan Glory Company has been engaged in oil machine design and manufacturing for more than 10 years, whose equipment obtained many approval by clients all over the world, so you can rely on us totally.

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm kernel oil processing equipment

Our company can provide different palm kernel oil equipment according to different processing capacities.

The palm kernel oil press machine, with high oil rate, easy operation, energy saving and other characteristics.

For customers with larger processing capacity, we have 1-10 tons per hour palm kernel oil production line, which contains fiber separator, kernel husk separation equipment, crusher, frying pan, oil press, filter.

Besides, we also provide palm oil processing machine, other cooking oil processing machine, production line design and process design, etc.

Henan Glory Company is from Zhengzhou, China. We specialize in developing palm oil and palm kernel oil production equipment, and export equipment to more than 90 countries. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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