West African mini palm oil mill present situation

This is a palm oil mill with processing capacities from 500 kg ffb/hr up to 5 tonnes ffb/hr.These small mills, which are specially designed for West African conditions, feature a combination of imported special purpose machinery from Malaysia, matched with local inputs such as buildings, steelworks, structures, tanks, vessels, etc.

mini palm oil mill
500 kg ffb/hr mini oil palm mill (West Africa)
The basic plant comprises manual cookers, beater arm type fruit bunch thresher, conventional rotary arm digestor, single worm screw press, and a static decanter to separate oil from sludge.
Machinery is powered by a 50 kva diesel generator.   Required inputs are fresh fruit bunches to process, firewood for fruit cookers, water for steam and dilution purposes, and diesel for generator.
Options to be added soon include a small hot water heater,  various conveyors to reduce manual handling, and a vibrating filter to reduce solids entering the decanter.  Other machinery can be included to reduce or minimise labour requirements.

screw palm oil press machine
Single screw palm oil press machine

High oil extraction is achieved by means of a single worm screw press driven by a 10 kW geared reduction unit.

palm fruit cooking machine
Palm fruit cooking machine

In keeping with the ideal of providing a low cost plant, utilising local labour, whilst still delivering high efficiency oil extraction, these micro/mini mills utilise manual fruit cookers.  

palm oil processing line
Palm oil processing line

This photo shows the main line of a mini palm oil mill that has been totally enclosed to deter theft. Installation of machinery is relatively simple as nearly all machinery bolts down directly onto the flat concrete floor.

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