Malaysia palm oil exports decline 12.7%

Malaysia palm oil imports
Malaysia palm oil exports decline 12.7%

According ITS, in early January,2015, Malaysia palm oil exports is 355,846 tonnes, 12.7% lower than exports(407,425 tonnes) in early December, 2014.
As a comparision, Malaysia palm oil exports in December, 2014 is 1,312,655 tonnes, 0.9% lower than November.
In January,2015, from 1th to 10 th, Malaysia exported 84,000 tonnes palm oil to China, lower than exports in last month(108,220 tonnes). Exports to EU reaches 82,300tonnes, higher than exports in last month(67,430 tonnes).
Malaysia also exported 63,300 tonnes palm oil to Indian subcontinent(Pakistan included), higher than exports(74,700 tonnes) in last month; exports to Middle east is 24,480 tonnes, lower than exports(54,185 tonnes) in last month.

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