How to set up a palm oil mill that produces export quality palm oil?

Palm oils are the largest consumption, largest production quantities and physical volume of international trade oil. There are large need and market in the world. Thus more and more people are interested in setting up a palm oil mill that produce export quality palm oil. For people who are the first time to start the palm oil production business, they may be confused and don’t know how to do it. Here are some professional guidance and advise for how to set up a palm oil mill that produce export quality palm oil.

palm oil mill plant Setting up a palm oil mill plant is feasible for people in the areas where palm fruit is produced

In general, you need to consider these aspects: raw material source, workshop building, government certification approve, funding, equipment and finished oil distribution channel.

For raw material FFB, palm tree are mainly located in Africa countries(Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Ivory coast), Southeast Asia(Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand) and central America and Northern South America. So people in these areas are easy to set up palm oil mill factory, because the raw materials are easier to get.

palm fruit Palm fruit bunches is the main material of palm oil mill plant

Secondly, you need to find existing workshop or new land to build workshop for put the palm oil processing machines. We will provide you workshop size for helping you choose suitable land. 【Related post: What factors should be considered when choosing the location of the palm oil mill? 】

palm oil mill plant You need to build a factory to put the palm oil processing machine

After the workshop problem is solved, you need to solve the license problem. You need to check what kind of permissions or certificates you need to apply from government for setting up the palm oil mill plant in your countries. For example, our customer in Tanzania need to prepare four certificates: they are land/building certification, building permits, construction inspections certification issued by food and drug administration, environmental impact certification.

Then it is the budget for the palm oil mill project. When setting up a palm oil mill, you need to consider the cost of raw material, building factory cost, labor cost, shipping cost and so on. You can invest all by yourself or find partner to invest together or make a loan from bank.

Once the above problems are solved, the next problem you need to solve is to find a suitable palm oil processing machine supplier who can offer you good quality palm oil machines and design suitable technical process. In general. You can offer the exported finished product palm oil specification standard to supplier, then they will design technical project to reach your requirement. 【Related post: How to choose suitable palm oil processing machine supplier?

palm oil processing machine Small scale palm oil processing machine produced by Henan Doing Company

Our Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,ltd is a professional palm oil machine manufacturer in China. We can offer palm oil processing machine with different capacity, such as 1-5t/h small scale palm oil mill, 10-30t/h medium scale palm oil mill plant and 30t/h-120t/h palm oil mill plant. Till now, we have successfully installed many palm oil mill plant projects in different countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Mexico ,Indonesia, Thailand and so on. We are glad to design suitable palm oil mill project and offer good quality machine for you. We sincerely look forward to working with you.

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