How much will the palm oil processing machine cost?

If you want to engage in palm oil processing, then you must be wondering how much will the palm oil processing machine cost. It is difficult for us to give a specific price, because according to different situations, the price will be different. But to some extent, we can give you some suggestions based on your requirements.

First of all, you need to determine the processing capacity of the palm oil plant you need. Generally speaking, if your processing capacity is large, you need to use more machines and spend more funds. Our company can customize 500kg/h, 1tph, 5thp, 10tph, 15tph palm oil processing machine according to the needs of customers.

palm oil press machineDifferent process capacity palm oil press machine

Secondly, the quality of the palm oil processing machine is also an important factor that affects the price of the machine. The screw press is a key part of the palm oil processing machine, which is responsible for crushing and pressing the palm oil. The pressing force is as high as 68.6~137.2 MPa, and the working temperature in the pressing chamber is higher than 160℃. Therefore, improving the service life of screw has become an important issue in the development of palm oil processing products. The palm oil processing machine designed by Doing company has a reasonable structure, high quality screw press, and has a 1-year warranty.

Finally, the after-sales service of the palm oil processing machine will also affect the price of the machine. Excellent after-sales can extend the service life of the machine and optimize the customer's consumption experience. Henan Doing company has professional engineers who can go to the customer's factory to guide installation and conduct training, and if you have any problems in use, you can contact us.

palm oil press machine manufacturerDoing company’s factory and engineers

Now do you have a general idea about how much will the palm oil processing machine cost? If you have clear requirements, you can contact Henan Doing company. Our sales manager will give you an accurate quotation.

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