What is the difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil?

Palm oil and palm kernel oil are very common cooking oils in our daily life, and we often use them when we cook and fry. The difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil mainly talk about four points, such as sources, uses, preparation processes and chemical composition and physical properties.

1. Different sources:

Palm oil is obtained by pressing palm fruit pulp, and palm kernel oil is extracted from the palm kernel.

2. Different chemical composition and physical properties:

Palm oil mainly contains palmitic acid and oleic acid, the two most common fatty acids, and the saturation level of palm oil is 50%. Palm kernel oil mainly contains lauric acid, saturated degree of more than 80%.

3. Different uses:

Palm oil is effective in keeping foods from oxidizing and is suitable for hot climates, becoming a good condiment for high point and bakery products. Fresh palm kernel oil can be used. Palm kernel oil can also be crystallized and pressed into stearin and oline. Hard fat can be used as a cocoa butter substitute, while soft fat is mainly used in baked goods, hydrogenation or soap making.

4. Different preparation processes:

Since palm oil is obtained from palm pulp, which usually contains about 20% palm oil and a large amount of fiber. Therefore, our engineers, through long research and continuous testing with palm fruit over and over again, have designed a palm oil press with high efficiency, low residual oil rate and without destroying the palm kernel according to the characteristics of the palm fruit. We also designed a complete, highly automated production line based on the characteristics of the palm fruit. This line, with a residual oil rate of less than 6%, has been well received by many customers.

700-450棕榈压榨生产线.jpgPalm oil processing process

Regarding the production of palm kernel oil, we first need to remove the outer shell of palm kernel to get clean palm kernel. After crushing the palm kernel, steaming and cooking, put it into the oil press for pressing to get crude palm kernel oil. For the shelling of palm kernel, we designed the shell separation system. After putting the palm kernel into the shell separation system, the shell of palm kernel is first removed by the shelling machine, and the shelling rate can reach 98%. After that, the shell and the palm kernel are separated by wind separating column, Saxon and other equipment to get clean and complete palm kernel. The kernel is then crushed by a crusher, which on the one hand reduces the working pressure of the oil press and on the other hand further increases the oil yield. The palm kernel is then adjusted to the right temperature by means of a cooker. Finally, the palm kernel in its ideal state is put into the oil press to obtain palm kernel oil.

700-413小型棕榈仁压榨生产线1.jpgPalm kernel oil processing process

If you want to know more about the difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil, especially palm oil or palm kernel oil production machine, please feel free to contact us. We have a team of professional engineers to give you effective advice.

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