What is the cost price of automatic combined palm oil press machine?

Palm oil is one of the most consumed oil around the world, now more and more clients are getting interested in our automatic combined palm oil press machine compared to local low efficient manual palm oil press machine. And we know most of you must be eager to know the cost price of our automatic combined palm oil press machine. Actually, it can't be answered in a simple number. Because the automatic combined palm oil press machine cost price will be different according to the type and size you choose.

palm oil press machine Various types automatic combined palm oil press machine

For small scale farmer or starter use, we recommend you our small scale palm oil press machine, capacity differs from 0.5 to 1ton per hour, suitable for palm plantation below 100 hectares, which can greatly save labor from heavy manual work, and ensure high oil output, with the cost lower than ten thousand dollars. As for discount price, please contact our professional sales for further discussion.

For clients who own oil palm plantation above 200hectares, or can buy FFB more than 20tons per day, we suggest you choose our combined automatic palm oil press machine complete production line, which includes sterilization to cook the palm fruits first, threshing to separate the palm fruits from bunches, digesting to crush the palm fruits first, pressing to get the crude palm oil and mixture of nut and fiber, then clarification to remove the impurities in the crude oil. This complete palm oil press production line is far more efficient than local manual pressing machine. As for price, we usually offer clients with factory price and best quality machine, since we have our own manufacturing factory to make machines by ourselves, so we will definitely offer you best market price. Most importantly, we can design or adjust the quotation according to your specific requirements.

palm oil processing machine Small scale palm oil press production line suitable for the capacity from 1ton to 5tons per hour

If you are a new comer in palm oil processing business and want to get more information about the cost price of automatic combined palm oil press machine, please send us your detailed requirements, then we will let sales manager contact you for deeper communication. No matter how big capacity palm oil processing equipment you need, we can provide you full guidance, plans and equipment.

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