Current palm oil industry _ current palm oil production

In the past thirty years, palm oil has seen exponential growth in production. It is expected that annual palm oil consumption will increase from its current levels of 38 million tons to 63 million tons by 2015, and continue to 77 million tons by 2020.
Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil, but a growing number of countries are becoming viable competitors on the global palm oil market, including Malaysia, Colombia, Brazil, Nigeria, Liberia, Thailand, and Uganda.
This growth is driven not only by palm oil’s cost-effectiveness, but also its multiple applications in the development and production of a variety of fats and foods, such as baked goods, condensed and powdered milk, French fries, concentrated foods, and supplements in animal food.
Palm oil also reaches into non-edibles such as soaps, detergents, candles, cosmetics, glue, printing inks, lubricants for machinery, and biofuels. Because it is used in such a variety of products, industries that are heavily dependent on palm oil would be hard pressed to find a suitable, similarly high yield and cost-effective alternative.

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