Palm oil storage

We all know how healthy palm oil is and it only seems wise to learn about palm oil storage. and then stock up on it. Generally, oils have a tendency to go rancid but since palm oil has a longer shelf life it might last longer.

Unlike other oils, Palm Oil does not go rancid very fast because of its high content of saturated acid. Palm Oil has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature.

Long term palm oil storage
Long term palm oil storage should be maintained at ambient temperature and heating should be completely turned off. If the oil becomes solid, extreme care should be taken during the initial heating to ensure that localized overheating or pressure build-up does not occur.
 palm oil storage
palm oil storage

Short term palm oil storage
To prevent excessive crystallization, the oil should be maintained within the temperature range of 5-10 ◦C above melting point. Refer to the above table. The deterioration of oil quality cannot be stopped completely. We can only use certain precautionary steps to minimize deterioration as mentioned above.

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