Total fat loss in palm oil refining plant

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Total fat loss in palm oil refining plant deodorization section
palm oil refining plant
Fats odor component amount is minimal, usually less than 0.01% by weight of oil. However, oil deodorization process is much greater than the actual value of the loss. This is because, in any case, the loss caused by the distillation depend upon the deodorization time, aeration rate, operating pressure and temperature, oil free fatty acids and other factors. In stripping deodorization process, a considerable amount of oil due to splashing in the stripping steam lost.
Therefore the total loss including the deodorization distillation loss and splashing loss, different oils, different devices and different operating conditions, which is not the same deodorization of total loss. In the advanced equipment and reasonable operating conditions, for free fatty acid content of less than 0.1% of fat, at an operating pressure of 0.4Kpa, a temperature of 230-270 degrees Celsius, which is generally the minimum loss deodorization 0.2% -0.4%, and then deodorized oil feedstock plus free fatty acid content of 1.05 to 1.2 times the total loss is the deodorization.

So, palm oil refining equipment selection is very important, and only choose the good equipment to make palm oil palm oil production process to reduce losses. You are welcome to ask any questions about the oil refining, oil production.

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