What is the process of making palm oil?

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palm oil processing machine
Palm oil processing machine

Process of making palm oil:
Sterilization:  Use the high temperature to boil the palm fruit bunch and sterilize(145°C,90-120min).
Threshing:  Separate the fruit from the bunch through strong vibrating.
Digesting: Stirring the fruit,then digest again.
Pressing:  Separate the flesh and kernel, get crude palm oil and kernel(no crack-send to the depericarper).
Clarification:  Separate the palm oil and sludge(get 90% pure oil),the oil contains 45%-55% moisture,sludge and other wastes.
Purification: Oil purifying treatment-increase the purity.
Drying: Use the Continuous Vaccum Drier pumps the moisture from the oil,then the moisture decrease to 0.1%.

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