What is the function of the leaf filter?

Date:2016-01-26/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
Henan Doing currently manufactures two types of filters namely Vertical Leaf Filter and Plate and Frame Filter.The filter machines are fabricated from mild steel plates, cast steels, channels and hollow sections using various processes such as cutting, welding, lathing, grinding,assembling and coating.These leaf filters are widely used to filter crude kernel oil and crude copra oil extracted from the oil seed expellers to remove impurity and sludge content. They can also be used to filter other types of extracted oil. The crude oil is pumped into the Vertical Leaf Filter or Filter Press Machine which filters the impurity and sludge before being pumped to the oil storage tank. The capacity of our leaf filters ranges from 20 tons to 500 tons per 24 hours.At the same time, we can also according to customer's needs for your custom.

leaf filter
Widely used leaf filter made in China

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