What aspects will influence palm oil processing plant cost?

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If you want to set up a palm oil processing plant, you must be curious about what aspects will influence palm oil processing plant cost. As a professional manufacturer of palm oil processing plant, here I will give you a detailed analysis of the aspects that will influence palm oil processing plant cost.


1. Process capacity: Different palm oil processing capacity plant has different costs. For example, 10 tph palm oil processing plant cost is higher 1tph palm oil processing plant. Because the bigger the processing capacity, the more machines and workers are needed. The cost of palm oil processing plant is also high. Of course, this comparison is based on the same machine quality and material.

palm oil press machinePalm oil pressing machine and palm oil processing line

2. Processing technology: Many customers may not understand technology, while this point is also important. The perfect and complex processing technology plant cost is higher than simple processing technology. And the quality of palm oil we get is different for different processing technologies. You need to choose the appropriate palm oil processing technology according to your requirements for palm oil quality.

3. Machine quality: This point can directly influence palm oil processing plant cost. The quality of the machines produced by different manufacturers is different. The strength of the screw press, the thickness of the steel plate, and the quality of the motor will all affect the capacity and cost of machine.

palm oil machine manufacturerHenan DOING company engineer and factory

4. Machine material: Generally, most palm oil processing machines are made of carbon steel, and some customers require stainless steel. If you use stainless steel palm oil processing machine, the processing cost will definitely be higher than that of carbon steel palm oil processing plants. But the quality and service life of stainless steel palm oil processing machine will be longer.

The above are only very important aspects. Other aspects will also influence the cost of palm oil processing plants. Therefore, when you buy or choose a machine, please consider or compare machines from multiple angles.

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