What is the difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil?

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What is the difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil?

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co. is a leading company in cooking oil machines, includes various oil seeds, especially in palm oil and palm kernel oil.
To produce palm oil and palm kernel oil, the processing machine line is different.
Palm oil is produced from fresh palm fruit, which is also called red oil; Palm kernel oil is produced from palm kernel which is inside the palm fruit.
Here is reference picture:
crude papm oil and crude palm kernel oil
palm fruit palm kernel

FFB- storage section- sterilizing- threshing- crashing- pressing- crude palm oil clarifying
- palm kernel recovery section- crude palm oil.  

 palm fruit oil processing plant                                          
palm kernel- cleaning- crusher- separator- cooker- press- crude palm kernel oil
palm kernel oil pressing plant

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