Operation video of small scale cooking oil refining and filling machine used in edible oil mill plant

This video shows us the operation situation of small scale cooking oil refining and filling machine. This video was provided by one of customers of Henan Glory Company. This customer is very happy to share with us that he is satisfied with the refining effect of the cooking oil refining machine and the filling effect of the cooking oil filling machine.

cooking oil refining and filling machinePhoto of cooking oil refining workshop and cooking oil filling workshop

The cooking oil refining machine and cooking oil filling machine mentioned in the video are the best-selling products of our company. Next, I will introduce the functions and characteristics of these two devices in detail to let customers have a better understanding of these two devices.

The first major device mentioned in the video belongs to batch type (intermittent) cooking oil refining equipment, it is suitable for small capacity edible oil refinery plant, like:1TPD, 2TPD, 5TPD, 1 TPD, 15TPD, 20TPD, etc, which contains Degumming, Neutralizing, Decolorization and Deodorization section, and all refining processes are carried out in batches. This kind of cooking oil refining machine needs less investment, and cost recovering time is also short. In addition, it is very easy to operate, when the equipment is successfully installed, the customer's workers only need a short time professional training can operate normally. [Related reading: Small scale to large scale palm oil refining machine]

cooking oil refining machineSmall scale cooking oil refining machine

The other major device mentioned in the video is cooking oil filling machine, it belongs to the auxiliary equipment of edible oil factory, it can automatically and accurately fill the filtered edible oil or refined edible oil into bottles of different sizes. The automatic edible oil filling production line includes unscrambler of bottle, automatic edible oil filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc., which can realize fully automated production, high efficiency and saving manpower. In addition, the capacity of the automatic edible oil filling line has different scale, which can be customized depending on the actual needs of customers.

cooking oil filling machineSmall scale cooking oil filling machine

Henan Glory Company is the best complete set cooking oil processing machines manufacturer and supplier in China, with a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing various scales of cooking oil processing machines. If you are planning for setting up a edible oil mill plant, don't hesitate to contact us, we will never let you down.

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