100tpd palm oil refinery and fractionation plant video (part 2)

This is 100tpd palm oil refinery and fractionation plant video part 2. Different with other edible oil refining process, this palm oil refinery adopts physical refining method to refine crude palm oil. This palm oil fractionation is a process to separate palm oil into two fractions, Olein and Stearin, by the crystallization properties of the oils. This palm oil fractionation plant consists of Crystallization Section and Filtration Section.

Palm oil refining is a step by step process. Palm oil refining removes phospholipids, pigments, off-flavors, free fatty acids and other impurities in the crude oil. The entire palm oil refinery plant process comprises degumming, neutralization, bleaching and deodorization.

Physical refining is a method that used for edible oil refining. Through this method, the free fatty acids are removed during the process of distillation, which is one stage of deodorizing.

Henan Doing palm oil fractionation plant adopts advanced crystallization equipment, filtration equipment, and accurate temperature auto-control software to separate palm olein and palm stearin which can get different melting-point fractionation products, including 14℃, 18℃, 24℃, 32℃ etc.

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