Safflower oil expeller machine running video

safflower oil expeller machine
Safflower oil expeller

Our newly style safflower oil expeller is high efficiency and high oil productivity through screw structure going to press oil physically. Our new safflower oil expeller is small occupation, convenient operation, also is suitable for individual oil workshop processing. Our new style safflower oil expeller is a widely used and multi-purpose machine. Besides safflower seed, this machine can also process peanut, soybean, oil sunflower seed, cottonseed, palm kernel etc more than 20 oilseeds.
This video is safflower oil expeller running video, through this video, we can see just one set safflower oil expeller can finish the process from safflower seed to safflower oil. After pressing, we can get safflower oil and safflower oil cake. The safflower oil can be edible directly after filtering, and the safflower oil cake can be as animal feed.

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