Plate and frame filter machine working video

Doing series oil filter press is plate type oil filter machine which is mainly being used for separating solids and liquids in the oil production plants for edible or vegetable oils. This model plate filter press is suitable for filter crude oil and refined oil, and it is also could be applied to filter bleaching oil in the oil refining plants.

Doing Company supplies a wide range of filter press machines designed to give maximum filtration efficiency, longer service life and less maintenance. The filter presses are available in different sizes and various capacities. We can also provide oil filter presses to custom specifications.

plate and frame filter machine
Plate and frame filter machine

Structure of plate and frame filter machine:
The Plate and frame filter press is a basic filtering unit that consist by filter frame and filter plate. The filter is formed by four parts:Mainframe, filtering parts, press and control. The filter part is constituted by several filter boards and frames which are ranked in the main beam in an order—the filter is between filter board and fram.

plate and frame filter machine
Plate and frame filter machine structure

Working Principle of plate and frame filter machine:
When material come into filter room from hole in push plate, the solid bigger than the hole of filter intermediary is hold in the filter room and become solid lump while the liquid flow out from the discharge hole by free flow and undercurrent flow. Under each filter board there is a hole with a water nozzle that the water flow out from the nozzle is called free flow, while the way brings water from each filter boars together and flow out by discharge channel is called undercurrent flow.


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