(FFB) Palm fruit oil processing plant

(FFB) palm fruit oil processing plant

Technlogy flow chart of palm fruit oil processing plant including

1 Bunch reception

Fresh fruit arrives from the field as bunches or loose fruit,then delivery to palm oil processing plant by truch ,and pass way the weightbridge when cross factory gate.
palm oil  proecess

fresh palm fruir

2.Threshing (removal of fruit from the bunches)

The fresh fruit bunch consists of fruit embedded in spikelets growing on a main stem.
Manual threshing is achieved by cutting the fruit-laden spikelets from the bunch stem with an axe or machete and then separating the fruit from the spikelets by hand.

Most small-scale processors do not have the capacity to generate steam for sterilization. Therefore, the threshed fruits are cooked in water. 
Whole bunches which include spikelets absorb a lot of water in the cooking process.High-pressure steam is more effective in heating bunches without losing much water.
 Therefore, most small-scale operations thresh bunches before the fruits are cooked,while high-pressure sterilization systems thresh bunches after heating to loosen the fruits.
palm fruit thresher

3.Sterilization of bunches

Sterilization or cooking means the use of high-temperature wet-heat treatment of loose fruit. Cooking normally uses hot water; sterilization uses pressurized steam.
sterilization tank

4.Digestion of the fruit

Digestion is the process of releasing the palm oil in the fruit through the rupture or breaking down of the oil-bearing cells.
The digester commonly used consists of a steam-heated cylindrical vessel fitted with a central rotating shaft  carrying a number of beater (stirring) arms.  Through the action of the rotating beater arms the fruit is pounded. Pounding, or digesting the fruit at high temperature, 
helps to reduce the viscosity of the oil, destroys the fruits’ outer covering (exocarp), and completes the disruption of the oil cells already begun in the sterilization phase.

5. Pressing (Extracting the palm oil)

There are two distinct methods of extracting oil from the digested material. One system uses mechanical screw presses, it's for small scale palm oil mill
The other called the ‘wet’ method uses hot water to leach out the oil,that's bigger capacity, it'a shydraulic double screw oil press.

small scale palm oil mill press
small scale palm oil mill
double shaft screw hydraulic oil press
palm fruit hydraulic oil press


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