Palm kernel sizing screen

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Palm kernel sizing screen is also called vibrating screen. It is an essential machine in the cleaning section. It is used for separate different size material. Vibrating screen can be used in different oilseed production line. Just as, palm kernel oil processing line, cooking oil processing line, even rice milling processing line.

Palm kernel sizing screen has two main functions:
First:separate different sizes of palm kernel,if the size of palm kernel is different,the cracker result will not good,some of the nut maybe crushed,but some small nut may can not be cracked.
Second:to remove the impurities from palm nut,the impurities in palm nut may damage the machine if do not remove.and also affect the quality of final oil.

Using palm kernel sizing screen, all palm kernel will be made full use of. The final oil productvity is higher. This machine is high working efficiency, attractive appearance. It is worth having this machine if you want to start a grain factory or oil factory.

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