Palm kernel expeller/extract palm kernel oil machine

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Palm kernel expeller are oil extracted from palm kernel or seeds by crushing them. This video is about palm kernel (PK) oil expeller running process.Unlike many other methods of oil extraction, palm kernel expeller extracted palm kernel oil a special palm kernel expeller which is produced by Doing Company.

The palm kernel oil expellers are designed with the main shaft directly driven by a coupling affixed to the gearbox. Thus, it has a simple structure by eliminating the need of an extra gear set. This series design of palm kernel oil expeller has improved maintainability and reduces maintenance costs and time.

We design and manufacture palm kernel oil expellers for producing palm kernel oil. The palm kernel oil expellers comprise primarily the pressing stations, coupling, gearbox, pulley and belt, and motor.

Doing Group is a leading palm kernel oil expeller machinery manufacturer which is specialized in palm kernel cracking and separarting machine,palm kernel cooker,pam kernel oil expeller,  crude palm kernel oil clarification machine,palm kernel oil refining machine and other palm kernel processing machinery.

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