30tph palm oil mill,production of plam oil from palm fruit

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Palm oil is extracted from fresh fruit bunches by mechanical process. This is 30tph palm oil mill which is a typical palm oil mill has many operational units as this video show. This comprises of sterilization, threhsing, digesting and pressing, clarification, purification, drying and storage.

palm oil processing plant
Main station of palm oil mill

Because of cooking, sterilizing, threshing and digesting made the pulp soft and damage pulp cell structure, the palm pulp becomes soft and cell is broken. Then it is sent to continuous screw palm fruit oil pressing machine. After pressing, oil palm fruit is divided into two parts: the mixture of oil, water and solid impurities, and the press cake (fiber and nut).

As professional manufacturer of palm oil processing plant, we can supply big capacity palm fruit oil pressing machine, small palm fruit oil pressing machine and mini palm fruit oil pressing machine. There are different capacities available for the Palm Oil Mill Plant. We can provide and supply small scale as well as large scale palm oil plants. The common capacity is of 3-TPH, 6-TPH, 10-TPH, 15-TPH, 20-TPH, 30-TPH,50-TPH,60-TPH and so on.

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