What is standard palm oil plantations?

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Palm oil plantations are very important for whole palm oil processing project,especially the standard palm oil plantations. Indonesia has the most standard palm oil platations. Here is a brief introduction of oil palm and standard palm platations.

Palm oil plant
Palm oil plant
Palm oil plant
Palm oil plant

Oil palm belongs to palmaceous plant; its main producing area distributes tropic area between the south latitude 5~10°and the north latitude 5~10°near the equator; It is a kind of important tropic oilseed plant. Rate of Oil in oil palm is very high: common fresh fruit contains oil in high rate :46~50% , palm kernel :50~55%. Oil palm begins to outgrow fruits about two years and a half after being transplanted. Firstly, the output is very low, 8~15years is blooming time and output reach maximum; it gradually aging when it grows over 20 years; its growth period is 25~30years .

how many ton cpo you can get from FFB?
How many ton cpo you can get from FFB?

Standard palm oil plantations are usually require as follows: Per-hectare land should plant about 140-palm tree in general, annual output is about 20T fresh fruit bunches; After being processed, about percentage 20 is crude palm oil and percentage 20 is kernel.

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