Palm fruit threshing machine

Palm fruit threshing machine also called palm fruit thresher,palm fruit stripping, palm fruit threshing machine uses strong vibration to make separation of palm fruit from palm bunches. Raw materials after sterilization are sent to bucket elevator through damp car, and elevated into palm fruit threshing machine. Palm fruit separates from bunches, sent to next section elevator through screw conveyor. Empty bunches through conveyor and charger, are transported to certain place for further treatment by car.

palm fruit thresher machine
1tph palm fruit threshing machine

2tph palm fruit thresher machine
2tph palm fruit threshingmachine

spare parts of palm fruit thresher machine
Spare parts of palm fruit threshing machine
Palm fruit threshing machine can vibrate palm fruit from palm bunches efficiently. It makes further preparation for next step palm oil processing process.

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