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Palm oil processing technology pdf involves extracting palm oil from palm fruit. Palm oil is processed in the African countries in 70 to 80% by traditional method. The traditional palm oil extraction method is inefficiency and waste is serious, most of palm oil can't be extracted. In view of this, After a long time research and study,Henan Doing Company developed different palm oil processing machine to help African countries efficiently extract palm oil. New technology palm oil processing technology has the features of high production rate and high oil yield and adapt to the production situation in Africa. The general flow diagram of palm oil processing is as follows:

palm oil processing processPalm oil processing process flow diagram

Traditional Palm Oil Processing in Africa:

Palm oil is processed in the African countries in 70 to 80% by primitive village methods. There are different ways of processing, but all these methods consist in the following palm oil processing steps: treatment harvested palm fruit bunches; separate palm fruit from palm fruit bunches; boiling palm fruit; palm fruit digesting and pressing; separate palm kernel ; red palm oil clarification; kernel drying.

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palm oil processing machine Traditional palm oil processing machine in Africa

Modern palm oil processing in Africa:

In the traditional palm oil processing process, most of the work is done by hand, but in the modern palm oil processing process, most of the work can be replaced by palm oil machines.

Palm oil processing technology involves machines that are developed to make palm oil from palm fruit. These machines are : palm fruit sterilizer machine, palm fruit thresher machine, palm fruit digester and presser machine, crude palm oil clarification machine, palm oil dryer machine and palm kernel recovery machine.

palm oil processing machine Small scale palm oil processing machine designed by Henan Doing Company

With the development of social economy, palm oil processing technology will be more and more perfect. In the future, palm oil processing equipment will be more advanced, let's wait and see.

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