What are the equipments needed for palm oil processing machine?

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There are three different technology to extract oil from palm fruit:simple technology,dry type technology and standard technology.
Different budget and scale of factory,you can chose different technology for this palm oil processing project.
Simple technology:suitable for small capacity,especially people in Africa,where the palm plantations is small,and mostly owned by farmers.
palm oil production line
Palm oil production line

Dry type technology:suitable for medium capacity,like 5-15T/H.cost effective and easy to start.
dry type palm oil machine
Dry type palm oil processing machine

Standard technology:this is same with Malaysia technology.suitable for Southeast Asia,and big palm plantations.
Standard palm oil project
Big palm oil project

No matter what  technology you chose,nomally a whole palm oil processing production line must includes the following process:
Here is the process of 1t/h palm oil mill:
 FFB--- Sterilizing ---Threshing ---Pressing---Filtration---CPO
*Threshing: Thresh the palm fruit from FFB.
  In first choice: Use New-type thresher and easy for sterilizing
  In second choice: Use Drum thresher and can thresh FFB after sterilizing clearly.
*Sterilizing: Use hot water to boil palm fruit to prevent FFA increase and make the fruit soften.
*Pressing: Use continuous screw press to press crude palm oil from palm fruit.
*Filtration: Use plate filter to get the large impurities out.
*CPO: The final oil is crude palm oil and can be edible directly or further refining.
If  you want to start with a palm oil processing machine.first please check the market of FFB(Fresh palm fruit bunches),palm oil etc.find a site for this project.then write a business plan according to your research.then check the cost of machinery,and caculate a rough budget for this project.


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