What is the detail process of palm oil refinery?

Palm oil refinery mainly includes three sections: Du-gumming and de-acidifiacation;Decolorization;Deodorization and dehydration.

detail process of palm oil refinery
Palm oil refinery detail process

First step of crude palm oil refinery: Du-gumming and de-acidifiacation is not only used to neutralize free fattyacid, but also can act with other materials in oil, like protein, mucilage, phospholipid, pigment, etc. the produced soapstock is kind of surface active agent itself has some absorption, so, also can bring other impurities to soapstock. All in all, alkali refining has the synthetic action of deacid, degum, de-impurity, decolor.

Palm oil extraction workshop
Palm oil extraction workshop

Second step of crude palm oil refinery:Decolorization is inhaling the definite quantity decolorising agent (active clay, active carbon) into the oil by vacuum, continue stirring and heating, keep about25mins. Pumping the oil and clay mixture into vibrating filter to remove the waste clay, the decolorization is finished.

Third step of crude palm oil refinery: Deodorization process can remove the bad smell of crude palm oil. And because the high temperature in the deodorization, the dehydration is also finished. 

After the crude palm oil refinery, you will get refined palm oil with good color,smell quality.


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