What is hydrogenation palm kernel oil?

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What's hydrogenation palm kernel oil, first let us to see what is hydrogenation process.

Hydrogenation is the process by which a hydrogen atom is bonded to the double bonds of a fatty acid chain. It turns an oil from a liquid into a semi-solid state, making it more stable. The process creates trans fats, which have a proven negative effect on cholesterol levels

The process of hydrogenation makes the oil more stable. It is used in a huge selection of goods, with baked foods and baby food being popular choices. Chefs prefer this because it possesses a lower level of trans fats in comparison to other hydrogenated oils

One common tropical oil is hydrogenated palm kernel oil. Many well-known foods contain hydrogenated palm kernel oil including baked goods, baby formula and crackers.
palm kernel oil
hydrogenation palm kernel oil

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