Palm kernel oil production business project plan

palm kernel oil production business plan

If you want to start a palm kernel oil factory, you need to make some preparations in advance. considering the following items:

how to start a oil factory

How to start an oil factory


1.Raw material, please consider this basic condition.Whether you have enough palm kernel or palm nut is the basic problem. If you have raw material supply, please confirm how many tons can you get or will you buy per day.

2.Equipment/plant.  we can offer you proper machine based on your raw material capacity. Our company can be charge of this part. Please do not worry, we can offer you best machine and service. Our engineer can go to your place to install machine and train your workers.

3.Factory. Please consider whether you have an empty land to build up the equipment.
For small capacity palm kernel oil mill, simple and small land is enough. While for big capacity, you need to prepare a big land to set up and run palm kernel oil machine.

4.Fund. This is most important condition and necessry. You need to consider where do you get fund. You will use your own money, or loan from bank, or you have investors. Please confirm.  Because you need to spend money to buying raw material, equipment, ,factory land and factory build.etc.

With the above four big condition, you can start a oil factory. Our company will offer you a prefect oil factory.

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