Warmly welcome Thailand clients come to our company

On 10th,Nov, With the guidence of our manager John, our Thailand client visited our office building, our palm oil processing machine manufacturing workshop, and visited our factory. Our best product and service, abundant company qualification and credibility made a strong impression on them.They are mainly for inspecting our palm oil processing machine, palm oil mill plant ,palm oil refinery plant and palm oil fractionation plant. Our engineer Mr Lei our sale manager Sophia introduced our advanced and precise technology to our clients. Which won our clients of loud shouts of applause.

customers visit our factory
Our customer is watching the images for palm oil processing plant

clients visit our machine in our factory
Thaiand clients visit our factory building, manufacturing workshop
engineer and clients talk about technology
Our engineer Lei and sale manager Sophia introduced our technology to Thailand clients

With the development of technology and society, we need to strength the construction of culture.ensure the product quality, develop our production technology. We work together with one heart,Doing must be better.

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