What service can Henan Glory company provide to customers?

In order to let our customers purchase our palm oil processing equipment trustingly, use our equipment appropriately, and put into production securely, Here DOING will introduce you the service we can provide to customers from three periods: before equipment purchase, after equipment order and after equipment delivery.

1.The service before equipment purchase

(1)One-to-one dedicated service. Every customer has a dedicated sales manager service, and our sales manager will be responsible for all the negotiations with customers during the entire process from equipment selecting to customer feedback;

(2)Customize you suitable palm oil processing plant solution to solve your concerns in processing technology, equipment selection and equipment investment cost;( Recommend  reading: Palm oil mill plant project cases in different countries)

(3)Factory visiting and machine testing services;

(4)Offer you the equipment list and free quotation.

palm oil processing equioment manufacturerHenan Glory's sales manager was accompanying the client to visit the palm oil processing equipment manufacturing factory

2.The service after equipment order

(1)Engineer customized service. Each customer has a dedicated engineer to customize the factory plan, equipment layout, building condition drawing, equipment basic condition diagram, etc;

(2)During the machine production, pictures and videos will be sent to the customers to confirm the equipment manufacturing progress;( Related reading: Small scale palm oil processing mill, palm oil extraction machine introduction video )

(3)Ensure that all the machines manufactured by our company are high-quality products that have been tested more than twice;

(4)Help find the equipment delivery sales agent for customers.

palm oil processing machine delivery photoPalm oil processing machine produced by Henan Glory Company

3.The service after equipment delivery

(1)Offer equipment installation, commissioning, worker training services based on customers’ demand;

(2)Provide one-year warranty after after-sales. If there is any problem, we will reply within 24 hours. We provide lifetime warranty service, if it is a quality problem of our equipment, we will solve it for you; if it is a manual error, with basic remuneration, we can provide you with equipment maintenance services;

(3)Return visits to old customers at different times and check customer feedback.

palm oil processing machine manufacturerEngineering team of Henan Glory Company

Henan Glory Company has developed into a large-scale enterprise integrating equipment design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service. We have professional engineer and technical team, perfect quality inspection team, equipment manufacturing factory and overseas warehouse, which can provide customers with all-round technical support and services to customers. Looking forward to establishing long-term friendly cooperation with all of you!

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