The customer in Abidjan, Cote d 'Ivoire purchased a set of 5tph palm oil processing machine from Henan Glory Company

The customer in Abidjan, Cote d 'Ivoire purchased a set of 5tph palm oil processing machine from Henan Glory Company. The machine he ordered belongs to our new technology palm oil processing machine, it applies steam sterilizer to process the fresh palm fruit. And in the clarification section, this small scale palm oil processing machine combines the vibrating screen, the sand clarification tank with plate filter to clarify the crude palm oil. Besides, this machine applies the oil drying system to remove the moisture in oil. In a word, this kind of small scale palm oil processing machine is very popular among customers in Africa, in addition to, we have already set up quite a few small scale palm oil mill plant projects successfully in Africa.

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palm oil processing machineThe customer ordered the same palm oil processing machine as shown in this picture

The customer was the head of the Cote d’Ivoire branch of a global trading company. After seeing the vast market of palm oil, he decided to start this business. After long time searching, finally he found the 3D animation video of small scale palm oil processing machine manufactured by Henan Glory Company on YouTube. He got very interested and found it very clear and graphic. This video let him know the production process of palm oil and what equipment it contains, so he want to learn more detailed information from us. The more he knew about our machine, the more he got interested in stepping into this business, finally he was won over by our machine quality and efficiency. Finally, he decided to purchase palm oil processing machine from our company.

palm oil processing machineSmall scale palm oil processing machine 3D animation diagram

After learning his specific requirements and actual situation, Henan Glory Company's engineers recommended him to buy 5tph palm oil pressing production line. Then he paid the deposit to our company at the first time. And then our engineers started designing factory layout for him. At meantime, our factory started producing the palm oil processing machine to ensure delivery on time.

After all, the cost of palm oil processing machine is not very cheap, we need to be careful when we buy equipment. In order to help all the people can buy suitable palm oil processing machine, Henan Glory Company's engineers specially summarized the following content for your reference.

● 1) When customers purchase equipment, please look for the professional manufacturer of palm oil processing machine. Because there are many suppliers on the market, most of them said their products can process the palm fruit, but the fact is that many of the equipment supplied by some suppliers is conventional oil processing equipment, It can only be used to press soybean, peanut, sunflower seeds that It can not be used to press palm fruit. Henan Glory Company suggests that you can let supplier send detailed 3D animation video, project running video and other specific device configuration information to you.

● 2) When customers purchase equipment, customers need to understand whether the configuration of the product can meet the production requirements, such as the total power, the material of the main equipment, etc. In terms of price, especially for palm oil press production line, you cannot simply consider the price level, but the cost performance, because the equipment with high configuration is definitely expensive. On the contrary, some are very cheap, you need to carefully see whether the specific configuration can meet the production needs, because the production cost is certain.

● 3) When customers purchase equipment, please pay attention to the strength of the palm oil processing machine supplier. You'd better choose a supplier with his own manufacturing factory and a professional engineers team, experienced installation team and perfect after-sales service team, so as to ensure the quality of after-sales service and reduce the risk, because many trading companies will have problems such as delayed delivery and poor after-sales service, which may be more serious.

palm oil processing plant projectsSmall scale palm oil processing plant projects

Palm oil, as the most widely-accepted oil product in the world, has a huge market. More and more people want to do this business. If you are interested in this business and want to buy high quality palm oil processing machine at factory price, please contact us. Our professional sales team, highly skilled products, and a strong team of engineers will bring you unexpected high-quality services and products. You are welcome to join, and you will benefit countlessly in this industry.

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