Nigerian customer purchased 1TPH palm oil production equipment from Henan Glory Company

On June 28, 2023, a customer from Nigeria ordered a set of 1TPH palm oil production equipment from Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd. This 1TPH palm oil production equipment includes a thresher, a double screw palm oil presser, and a plate filter.

Firstly, regarding the fruit peeler, we have specially designed a recommended fruit peeler suitable for small-scale production, which has the characteristics of simple operation, high production efficiency, low power. According to our customer feedback and factory testing data, the thresher can achieve a fruit stripping efficiency of 98%, and the actual processing capacity can reach 1-2TPH.

Double screw palm oil presser.jpgDouble screw palm oil presser

Secondly, regarding the 1TPH double screw palm oil presser, this 1TPH double screw palm oil presser was independently developed and designed by our engineers. We have adopted a more wear-resistant 2Cr13 material. This material is a wear-resistant alloy steel that can be used for six months or even a year under normal maintenance.

Finally, the plate and frame filter will be installed. The compressed crude oil is transported to the plate and frame filtration equipment through pumps and pipelines. By filtering with fine filter cloth, small impurities in the crude oil, resulting in clean and higher quality palm crude oil.

Plate and frame filter.jpgPlate and frame filter

Due to government policies, foreign exchange payments in Nigeria are not particularly convenient. We also constantly help customers think of various ways and possibilities. After continuous efforts, the perfect solution was finally found to help customers successfully order 1TPH palm oil production equipment. The customer also gave us positive feedback on our service.

The 1TPH palm oil production equipment are hot-selling products of our company, which are deeply loved by Nigerian customers. Since our company was established in 2011, our palm oil production equipment has been sold worldwide for 12 years. We not only have a professional team of engineers responsible for research and design, but also our own factory can provide high-quality products to customers. If you need anything, please feel free to contact us at+86 15038288535.

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