Nigerian customer purchased 1tph palm oil production line from Henan Glory Company

On December 13th, 2021, a customer from Lagos, Nigeria purchased a 1tph palm oil production line from Henan Glory Company. The 1tph palm oil production line ordered by this customer includes the sterilizer, thresher, digester, palm oil press machine and plate filter, etc. This palm oil production line has the advantages of high automation degree, high oil output and stable operation.

palm oil production line1tph palm oil production line

This Nigerian customer has his own palm tree plantation. In order to take full advantage of his raw materials, he decided to develop the palm oil processing business to get more profits. In May 2021, the Nigerian customer's palm fruit is about to usher in the first big harvest. He set out to find a professional and reliable palm oil processing machine manufacturer in advance, hoping to customize high-quality machines at a preferential price.

After careful selection and comparison, customers found that Henan Glory company does better in terms of equipment manufacturing strength or project installation experience. So he sent an enquiry to learn more about the palm oil processing machine pictures, running videos and quotations.

Combined with the customer’s requirement, our project manager and engineer team customize detailed palm oil processing solutions for him. Because Henan Glory company has the overseas office and warehouse in Nigeria, we also designated our overseas manager delegate to pay a visit to our customer and talked about the details of equipment design and palm oil processing plant design drawing. After negotiating the details of the solution, this Nigerian customer finally signed the contract and ordered the 1tph palm oil processing line. And it's expected that it takes two months to finish the whole manufacture work.

overseas warehouseOur warehouse in Nigeria

No matter you want to order the single machine or the whole palm oil production line, Henan Glory company can help you customize it! And our factory palm oil processing machine prototypes and palm oil press machine in stock, welcome to consult us or have a factory visit!

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