American customer bought one set 1tph palm kernel crusher from Henan Glory company!

On December 2, 2021, an American customer purchased one set 1tph palm kernel crusher from Henan Glory Company. The palm kernel crusher will be shipped to the customer’s palm kernel oil processing plant in Nigeria after manufacturing.

This client is the CEO of a trading company who often import agricultural machines from China. In the course of trade, he has a keen interest in palm kernel oil processing project. After a certain feasibility study, he decided to set up a small-scale palm kernel oil processing plant project in Nigeria. Now he wants to buy a single palm kernel crusher to reduce the working pressure of palm kernel oil presser so that the palm kernels are much easier to squeeze out the oil.

palm kernel crusherPalm kernel crusher in our factory

The American customer carefully compared the material, processing capacity, price of different brands’ palm crusher, even the after-sales service so as to select a professional and reliable manufacturer. Finally, he initiated an enquiry to Henan Glory Company.

Our dedicated project manager introduced the palm kernel crusher designed by our engineer team in detail to the American customer. Our palm kernel crusher can crush the shelled palm kernels to 4-6 petals, which can reduce the wear degree of oil press and improve the final palm kernel oil yield. This coincided with the customer's needs. After confirming the machine purchasing details, the American customer paid on Ali Credit Insurance's payment method directly. The customer said that the cooperation with us is very happy, and will continue to import large-scale palm kernel palm oil processing machine from us when expanding the production line.

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As a professional palm and palm kernel oil processing machine designer and manufacturer, we are honored to provide customers from more than 60 countries and regions with the best machines to help customers achieve their business goals. If you are also interested in oil processing business, welcome to consult us, and we will spare no effort to provide you with the best products and services.

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