The manager of the Nigeria overseas office is officially on duty

Good news! The manager of the Nigeria overseas office of Henan Doing Group is officially on duty! After several months' preparation, finally we locate our office and warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria. Anyone who are interested in cooking oil processing machine or palm oil processing machine are welcome to visit us.

henan doing machineryThis is the photo of our manager of Nigeria overseas office

From the establishment of our company, we found that Africa, especially Nigeria is a potential market for us, since there are rich natural resources and good government policies for agricultural development, like many peanuts in Kano State and many palm plantations around the Delta area, and lower interest rate for bank loan if you plan to buy oil processing machine, all these signals led us to make plan about setting up our office here. [You may interested in: How to choose right palm oil machines for starting palm oil processing business in Africa?]

Besides, we have successfully done many cooking oil processing projects in Nigeria, which made us more confident to enter into this market and make our plan of setting up overseas office come true. Now we are glad to announce that our office are opening in Nigeria officially!

palm oil processing machineThis is the photo of palm oil processing machine in Lagos, Nigeria

From now on, if you are eager to invest in cooking/palm oil processing business, or you want to check our machines in person, you can contact with us for more details, then we can also discuss more about the business and give you some professional advice on how to start this business and prepare for it. Welcome to leave your requirements and contact here, then we will arrange for the manager of the Nigeria overseas office to meet you.

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