Doing Factory director personally training welders welding technology

Today, Henan Doing Factory director personally training welders welding technology. According to the factory tradition, Factory director will train weld technology two times every months. Why do we attach so much importance to welding skills?

The welding skills has large effect on the quality of palm oil processing machines. Welding technology is the basic for producing palm oil processing machines, such as palm oil extraction machine, palm oil refinery plant and palm oil fractionation plant. All of these machines need weld when producing. Although our welder are experienced and skilled, they are still strict with themselves.

In order to supply more perfect palm oil processing machines for our customers. Our worker need to take part in the welding technology competition once a month. On the one hand, they can test their own welding level, on the other hand, they can learn from each other.

welding technology trainsHenan Doing Factory director personally demonstrated the high standard welding technology

Besides welding technology train and welding skills competition. Henan Doing Factory also match advanced plasma cutting machine. coil machine and so on to guarantee accuracy of cutting techniques.

palm oil processing machine Palm oil processing machine manufacturing equipment

Henan Doing Factory not only attaches importance to the advanced manufacturing equipment, but also pay attention to the raw material. According to the different characteristic of palm oil processing machine, we use different raw material. For the heating coil in the palm oil refinery plant, we use seamless steel tube as raw material.

palm oil processing machine Henan Doing Factory also pay attention to the raw material of manufacturing palm oil processing machine

Usually, we will also test the equipment to check if there are leakage. All of these are to guarantee the weld part ‘s quality, to ensure every palm oil processing machine is qualified. Supplying high quality palm oil processing equipment for our customers, Henan Doing Company are serious. In addition to emphasis on welding, we also have high standards in other part, such as raw material thickness quality, professional technology support and prolong after-sales service and so on.

As a professional cooking oil processing machine manufacturer in China. Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd mainly offer normal oil seed (sunflower ,soybean, groundnut, sesame )complete plant, which include cooking oil pressing plant, solvent extraction plant, oil refining plant and special palm oil processing plant and palm kernel oil processing plant.

If you are interested in setting up an edible oil plant and plan to find a professional manufacturer with good quality machine. Henan Doing Company will be a nice choice.

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