Indonesian customer purchased a simple type thresher machine and a 500kg/h palm oil expeller machine from Henan Glory Company

On 19th May 2022, a client from Indonesia purchased a simple type palm fruit thresher machine , a 500kgph palm oil expeller machine and a set of wearing parts of palm oil expeller machine from Henan Glory Company. All the equipment purchased by Indonesian customer are our company's best-selling palm oil processing equipment, which has advantages in low investment cost, high performance, long life and good quality. Besides, all the machines are quite suitable for small scale palm oil production business or mini palm oil mill plant.

palm oil press machineScrew palm oil press machine

Through communicating with customer, we learned that this client owns a small oil palm orchard, before, he sold palm fruit directly to the local palm oil processing factory to make money, but now with the increase of international palm oil price, he wants to start palm oil production business to produce palm oil herself and sell it to local people. So he sent requirements to us and hope we can give him a suitable palm oil processing machine solution.

After understanding his specific requirements, our professional sales manager suggested him to buy one set of simple type palm oil press production line( simple type thresher + screw palm oil press machine+ plate filter), because this set of machine is the best selling procurement scheme. The customer was satisfied with our solution, but he said that he only plans to buy the first two devices at present, because his capital is not enough. Besides, this Indonesian client the customer told us that he also paid special attention to the quality of the palm oil press machine and its spare parts. In order to dispel the customer's concerns, our business manager showed many running videos and customer feedback videos of screw palm oil press machine, as well monthly sales data of screw palm oil press machines. After learning these, the customer immediately said that he was very glad to cooperate with us and decided to complete the payment on the same day.

palm oil press production lineSimple type palm oil press production line

just on the afternoon of May 19, 2022, we successfully received the payment from the Indonesian customer. At present, Henan Glory Company's manufacturing factory was busy packing the goods, and it is expected that this batch of palm oil processing equipment will be sent from the factory to the Port of Qingdao within 2 days.

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